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Aug 23

I’m flippin out a bit bc my temporary filling just fell out/ mostly dissolved? idk what to do, it’s a Saturday so everywhere’s closed today and tomorrow, and starting Mon I have a six-day work week that ends next Sunday…
And like? I can’t even make an appointment while everything’s closed??

there is literally no doubt in my mind that Damian Wayne takes friendship bracelets REALLY VERY SERIOUSLY

Colin would have made him one because they were making them at the orphanage one afternoon, and, you know, Damian is totally his friend, and once he explained the tradition Damian was probably really flattered and awkward and never wants to take it off and no one is ever allowed to speak badly about it, like, EXCUSE ME, BUT COLIN MADE THAT FOR ME AND HE TIED IT ON MY WRIST, AND IT IS PERFECT

and Damian probably carefully spends a couple nights learning how to make them, and he would do it in Robin colours (a little on the nose, but still clearly very appropriate) and then presents it to Colin and is like GOOD, NOW WE NEVER HAVE TO TAKE THEM OFF AND IT IS TANGIBLE PROOF OF FRIENDSHIP SO NOW IT IS PERMANENT

and it’s very possible that Dick makes one for Damian too (“Just because we’re brothers, doesn’t mean we aren’t ALSO friends, okay?”) and Damian would very grudgingly wear it and eventually make one for Dick too, but he would make a point to not make it quite as neatly as Colin’s, but Dick would just adore it anyway

then it would just be a THING in the house, though, like Jason makes a few REALLY POINTED comments about how HE doesn’t have one, and like, how many times u gotta save a guy’s life before you’re close enough to get a bracelet, huh?? so Damian would DELIBERATELY MAKE HIM A HIDEOUS ONE with horrible clashing colours and bits of loose thread but Jason proudly wears it everywhere every day and IS JUST INSUFFERABLY SMUG

Aug 22

incogneat-oh said: The Most Important Question: do you think Tim's ever freaked out about the sudden appearance of a mole that is "raised and /dark/ Bruce, and I swear it wasn't there before, Bruce look, are you looking?", and Bruce is like "okay hold still, lemme see" and Tim is like "Don't sugarcoat it, I am an adult and I have pre-dialled my dermatologist-" and Bruce is like "Tim. Tim, it's melted chocolate."? Because I do. And Tim just freezing up and THIS IS WHAT HE GETS FOR LYING DOWN AND STRESS-EATING. <345


Tim Drake is all of us.

(Also this is still one of my fav headcanons ever, where Tim frets over his moles and makes Bruce look at the ones on his back and HE MIGHT HAVE MELANOMA, BRUCE, CHECK FOR IRREGULAR BORDERS.)

Just Like You: Epilogue


first // last

Done, at last. 

This is set an indeterminate amount of time after the main events of the story. Warnings for character injury and blood.

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Aug 19

Just Like You: Epilogue

first // last

Done, at last. 

This is set an indeterminate amount of time after the main events of the story. Warnings for character injury and blood.

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Aug 16

So the epilogue to Just Like You should hopefully be up in the next couple days;; only took what, a year?

Aug 12

i think a lot about dick grayson inviting himself over to his siblings’ houses and walking around not wearing pants and just obnoxiously slurping, like, a super-sized big gulp

Aug 10

I feel like when Tim was Robin, Bruce never wanted him around and was always trying to send him back to his parents’ place.

But now Tim has his own place, and Bruce is all; “… Do you want to stay over? I think you should stay over. Alfred thinks you should stay over too. Definitely stay. It’s late.”

Aug 9

day two [x]


day two [x]

Aug 8

Anonymous said: What do you think are some silly nightmares the batboys have? Cause can you imagine Dick having a dream where Gotham paparazzi managed to snap a pic and the angle has a good view of Dick's butt and then people are linking that to Nightwing's famous tushy? Dream!Bruce berating Dick all "Your butt is a security leak. Everyone knows your identity now"

Omfg I love this. And it’d take early-morning Dick a few minutes to realise that it was a dream. Though not before he sincerely apologises to Bruce for compromising everyone’s secret identities. Lmao.

I think in general the Batkids probably dream about standard stuff for vigilantes. They would dream pretty consistently about rejection from Bruce. About losing limbs, getting paralysed or getting killed. About their family and friends getting killed. 

As for silly nightmares, hmm.

I have a headcanon that Dick is really terrified by scary movies, so I imagine he dreams a lot about spooky supernatural stuff. Ghosts and vampires and animated dolls and stuff. When he’s awake he rolls his eyes, but in the night he probably finds them pretty horrifying. He’d also have the ‘I accidentally went to school/work/a bar naked’ dream, but he is Dick Grayson, so he doesn’t find it that embarrassing lmao.

Jason’s a tough one. I imagine most of his nightmares fall in the ‘very serious’ category, but he probably has had a few very stupid dreams. Like. Alfred getting mad at him and then baking him into a cake. Or that he keeps losing his shoes and falling off things. (Not that far off reality.) Or that he keeps growing bigger and bigger and can’t fit into any of his clothes.

Tim probably dreams about school a lot, even though he doesn’t go any more; tests he hasn’t studied for, running late, showing up to a class he didn’t know he was taking. Accidentally revealing his Robin-identity, showing up to fight crime beside Batman in his Tim-Drake clothes. Being caught unprepared at any time.

I think Damian dreams a lot about bugs. Finding his utility belt full of drawing implements instead of weapons. And he probably has a recurring nightmare about Dick wrapping him in a blanket, putting him in a basket and dumping him by the side of a road. 


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